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Advanced Technical Simulations for Entertainment

Lx Sim offers a comprehensive solution to validate and improve the efficiency of mechanical systems used by the entertainment industry (acrobatic equipment, fixed and mobile structures, etc.). This includes analysis of client objectives, our unique sim-optimization service, as well as ongoing follow-up services.

Optimize Your Mechanical Systems with Our Technology

Sim-optimization is a kind of superpower that allows you to get systems up and running faster.

Armed with the latest technology and expertise, our experts have everything they need to validate the efficiency of your mechanical systems through finite element analyses and heat transfer analyses. Our goal is to help you improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and optimize your parts using digital simulations.

Our solutions

  • Analysis and design for unique equipment (circus, magician, ride)
  • Performance optimization and validation
  • Validation of equipment safety

Our Action Plan

Situation Analysis

Running a business assessment and technical project analysis.


Delivering a custom, in-depth proposal.


Assessing parts, establishing performance criteria and suggesting improvements.


Constant collaboration between our team and yours.

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Lx Sim a collaboré au développement d'une structure sphérique hors de l’ordinaire, soumise à des chargements dynamiques complexes.
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Volta (Cirque du soleil)

Lx Sim collaborated with the technical team of Cirque du Soleil who was in charge of the design of the BMX ramps featured in the show Volta. ​
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Disney Shanghai

The human door was designed exclusively for the opening ceremony of Disney's new theme park in Shanghai. Lx Sim collaborated, validating the whole structure to guarantee the safety of the artists.
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