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Digital Simulation for Transport

Discover our solutions for the road, marine and rail transportation industries.

Optimize Your Mechanical Systems with Our Technology

Sim-optimization is a kind of superpower that allows you to get systems up and running faster.

Armed with the latest technology and expertise, our experts have everything they need to validate the efficiency of your mechanical systems through finite element analyses and heat transfer analyses. Our goal is to help you improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and optimize your parts using digital simulations.

Road Transportation Solutions

  • Virtual crash test
  • Light frame design and analysis (metal/composites)
  • Vehicle shape and design analysis (aerodynamics and structural resistance)
  • Increased efficiency through aerodynamics and weight reduction


  • Basin model testing
  • Hull shape optimization


  • Dynamic behaviour analysis
  • Light frame design and analysis
  • Increased efficiency through aerodynamics and weight reduction

Our Action Plan

Situation Analysis

Running a business assessment and technical project analysis.


Delivering a custom, in-depth proposal.


Assessing parts, establishing performance criteria and suggesting improvements.


Constant collaboration between our team and yours.

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Vehicle impact simulations on noise barriers in intrusion zones

We were invited to participate in the design of transparent and opaque noise barriers. These barriers were installed in recent years on the Turcot Interchange and on the approaches to the Samuel-de-Champlain Bridge in Montreal. These walls have the peculiarity of being located in an intrusion zone and are therefore subject to impacts from a wide range of vehicles, notably semi-trailers weighing over 36 tonnes.
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R.P.M. Tech

Dynamic behavior evaluation of a railroad snow blower during cornering. The worst, tighter corners were evaluated. A multi-body dynamics simulation of the detailed suspension mechanism was used to model the behavior.
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FDC Aero Composites

FDC is located in Montreal Canada and specializes in Value Added Built to Print Manufacturing of composite Aerostructures and Interior aircraft parts & assemblies. For this project, FDC needed to design water tank fairing structures for a firefighting aircraft. The fairing is made of glass fiber with a foamcore. Lx Sim assisted FDC in the design and analysis of the structure, subject to several load cases: aerodynamic pressures & inertial loading. Linear static analysis were used for the analysis.
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