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As fast as lightning, we'll help you achieve better product performance, more efficient development and a faster time to market.
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FEA & CFD Optimization

Use digital simulation to get out-of-this-world results
Whether you are in the sports, transportation, or even entertainment industries, our cutting-edge expertise will help you accelerate your product development while minimizing the risks associated with R&D. Our numerical simulations are adapted to the specific needs of mass-produced products and allow you to obtain clear answers in a wide range of fields (materials resistance, production process optimization, heat management, fluid flow, etc.).
Analyze the technical context for your project
Establish performance criteria for your products
Simulate all possible scenarios
Propose an action plan to optimize your product
  • Discover the tools in our arsenal
  • Discover the tools in our arsenal
  • Discover the tools in our arsenal
  • Discover the tools in our arsenal

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Our experts combine simulation skills with product development knowledge

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You will be amazed by our detailed reports and easy-to-explore 3D simulation results

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