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Our philosophy is quite simple. At Lx Sim, a good idea is worth exploring. It doesn't matter who formulates it. Our super-engineers have a common mission: to help build a better future. Nothing less!

Dedicated to Product Development

We dedicate our minds, our passion and all our determination to developing our customers' products. Because you never know what good idea can revolutionize the world! That's why we invest time and energy into R&D, apply all possible means to support our customers, and share our expertise in product simulation-optimization, with pleasure.

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Always Stronger, Always More Efficient

The search for new methods is an integral part of our approach. Our engineers are all called upon to propose R&D projects that our team will tackle throughout the year. The objective: to increase our skills, to offer more services to our customers, and to take up ever more daring challenges. The beauty of these projects is that we don't know where they will lead us. But one thing is for sure: we learn a lot from them.

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Our Team is Larger Than Life

When they put on their sim-optimization goggles, our experts have a gift for showing clients all facets of the product on which they are working. But that's far from being their only superpower.

Although your future sidekicks were brought together by a love of sports, a willingness to help and technical prowess, each one of them has unique strenghts that make them an asset to our team.


What You Will Like About Us

A true team spirit
Outdoor activities
Insurance and RRSPs
Very flexible hours
Annual profit sharing
Hybrid telecommuting model
Spontaneous Application

Will you be part of the next adventure?

If you are always looking to improve everything. If, for you, fun looks something like using technology to help others progress and letting your sense of initiative run free. If you never back down from an athletic challenge (walking, biking, skiing...). Show your mettle!
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