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Optimize Your Mechanical Systems with Our Technology

Sim-optimization is a kind of superpower that allows you to get systems up and running faster.

Armed with the latest technology and expertise, our experts have everything they need to validate the efficiency of your mechanical systems through finite element analyses and heat transfer analyses. Our goal is to help you improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and optimize your parts using digital simulations.

Our solutions

  • Design and validate structures under blast loadings
  • Assess fragmentation protection
  • Simulate ballistic impact scenarios
  • Simulate complex materials (composites, ceramics) under complex loadings
  • Account for human interaction with products
  • Reduce weight of structures
  • Validate and certify final structures
  • Understand complex phenomena
  • Meet conflicting requirements (safety vs weight / mobility)
  • Meet specific certification levels efficiently and cost effectively (example : NATO STANAG)
  • The company is accredited under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP)

Our Action Plan

Situation Analysis

Running a business assessment and technical project analysis.


Delivering a custom, in-depth proposal.


Assessing parts, establishing performance criteria and suggesting improvements.


Constant collaboration between our team and yours.

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AirBoss Defense

As part of their LBM (Low Burden Mask) gas mask design project, Airboss commissioned Lx Sim to design technical drawings (CAD) of the components of the mask, in order to increase performance. AirBoss Defense designs and manufactures, for the defence and security industry, high-technology personal protective equipment against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. With its unique, patented technology, AirBoss is the world leader in the design and development of these products and equips the military and police forces of cities, states, and countries around the world.
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