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Digital Simulation for Sports Equipment

Discover our solutions for products in the sports industry.

Optimize Your Mechanical Systems with Our Technology

Sim-optimization is a kind of superpower that allows you to get systems up and running faster.

Armed with the latest technology and expertise, our experts have everything they need to validate the efficiency of your mechanical systems through finite element analyses and heat transfer analyses. Our goal is to help you improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and optimize your parts using digital simulations.

Our solutions

  • Impact analysis on protective equipment (helmets, guards, etc.)
  • Analysis and design of sports equipment using advanced materials
  • Analysis and validation of sports equipment (aerodynamics, structural resistance, dynamic behaviour)
  • Specific analysis and optimization for the cycling industry

Our Action Plan

Situation Analysis

Running a business assessment and technical project analysis.


Delivering a custom, in-depth proposal.


Assessing parts, establishing performance criteria and suggesting improvements.


Constant collaboration between our team and yours.

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Cycling Canada handbike

Cycling Canada is a national organization dedicated to the holistic development of the sport which includes all cycling disciplines. As part of this project, the client wanted to analyze the handbike aerodynamics to optimize the geometry of the carbon fiber seat and then modify it physically. LxSim's mandate was first to scan the handbike and the rider. The next step consisted of optimizing the lower surface of the seat to reduce the drag by running CFD simulation from the initial scanned geometry to the final optimized shape. In a second phase, Lx Sim had to design the laminate using finite elements, select the materials and modify physically the lower surface of the handbike according to the optimized geometry.
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Success Story: Morpheus Cycles

Morpheus needed to design a downhill mountain bike chassis that would allow them to provide their athletes with the best possible bike, thereby establishing themselves in this ultra-competitive market.
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New helmet by Louis Garneau

A few words on the success of the aerodynamic development of the “Vitesse Cycling” helmet, designed for both cycling and skating. Louis Garneau Sports had the challenge of developing an “aero” helmet for cycling/triathlon and speed skating. The new helmet needed to respond to the particularities of both sports.
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