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Fluid dynamics and heat transfer analysis

Optimize and validate each step of your product design with our fluid dynamics and heat transfer analysis services. You will get superhero results!

The super-benefits of our CFD service

Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (CFD) can effectively and accurately simulate internal and external flow conditions for fluids. It is also the most accurate method to assess how heat is transferred between complex assemblies and their environment. CFD analysis is therefore a very powerful tool to help you in the initial development phase for a product that may involve fluid mechanics or thermodynamics.

Take advantage of our superpowers in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Analysis!

The quality of your product

Our superteam's Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Analysis expertise ensures the quality, performance, and safety of your products!

A Smart Investment

Thanks to our expertise in CFD, you'll know that you are investing in an optimal and winning product, before even making it. So you put your money where it's needed!

Communication throughout the project

We are in touch with our customers throughout the project to increase their understanding of the product and the simulation process. We are real partners in the success of your project!

Analysis offered by our team

Virtual wind tunnel
External/internal flow
Transitional regime
External/internal flow
Steady-state or transient
Multiphase flow
Porous media
Conduction / Convection / Radiation
Particles (DEM)
Featured Project

GL&V Canada

Lx Sim collaborated for the simulation of fluid dynamics (CFD) to standardize the flow in each of the distributor's outlets.

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