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The challenge: Standardization of the output flow at 42 injection points of the headbox distributor
As part of the development of a distributor machine for the pulp and paper industry, the flow of each injector needed to be balanced in order to meet design requirements to optimize its productivity.

The solution: Simulation of fluid dynamics (CFD) to standardize the flow in each of the distributor's outlets

  • Lx Sim proposed a turnkey virtual tow tank service:Internal and external flow evualuation
  • Performance and efficiency optimization
  • Heat management
  • Rotating machinery simulation
  • Dynamic interactions simulation
  • Force and moment calculations
  • Multi-phase modeling (drops, granules, particle transport)

The results :

Our analyses and recommendations resulted in the following benefits:

  • Reduced testing cost
  • More data available for decision making
  • Shorter turn-around time
  • Improvement of the quality of the manufactured product


The CFD simulation team was able to listen and propose tailor-made solutions that allowed us to proceed more quickly. The accuracy of the analysis provided data that were used to solve problems and finalize our design of the distributor. Their professionalism and commitment make them a trusted partner for our projects.

Eric Giasson, Eng., Director of Product Development