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AirBoss Defense

Gas Mask Design
As part of their LBM (Low Burden Mask) gas mask design project, Airboss commissioned Lx Sim to design technical drawings (CAD) of the components of the mask, in order to increase performance. AirBoss Defense designs and manufactures, for the defence and security industry, high-technology personal protective equipment against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. With its unique, patented technology, AirBoss is the world leader in the design and development of these products and equips the military and police forces of cities, states, and countries around the world.




Design gas mask components

As part of this project, Lx Sim’s mandate was to support AirBoss Defense in the development of sub-components at both the engineering and technical design stages.


The AirBoss LBM Gas Mask

Lx Sim designed and manufactured plastic and elastomer parts that contributed to the development of the LBM gas mask.

The latest AirBoss Defense gas masks, marketed in the fall of 2014, retain all the elements of their conventional mask, but with a full visor, lighter weight, compatibility with various types of filters, and the best voice transmission system of all masks approved by NATO.

The C-4 gas masks were judged superior to NATO requirements and to meet the highest standard of military protection. In particular, they are used by the Canadian Army.


To achieve this major project, the Lx Sim team worked closely with the Research and Development Centre at AirBoss Defense, located in Bromont. We frequently went to the places where the work was being carried out in order to increase our understanding of their reality. Our engineer in charge spent over a year on their premises to bring to completion the development of a first-rate product for the defence market.