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FDC Aero Composites

FDC is located in Montreal Canada and specializes in Value Added Built to Print Manufacturing of composite Aerostructures and Interior aircraft parts & assemblies. For this project, FDC needed to design water tank fairing structures for a firefighting aircraft. The fairing is made of glass fiber with a foamcore. Lx Sim assisted FDC in the design and analysis of the structure, subject to several load cases: aerodynamic pressures & inertial loading. Linear static analysis were used for the analysis.

Results :

Lx Sim's analysis helped FDC in its design process by providing precise results for strain, stress,  mis de guider le client dans son processus de conception en fournissant des résultats précis au niveau des déformations, des contraintes, TsaiWu failure criterion as well as fairing attachment points loads. These informations allowed for a precise laminate and a sufficient quantity of attachment points and reinforcements.