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Disney Shanghai

The human door was designed exclusively for the opening ceremony of Disney's new theme park in Shanghai. Lx Sim collaborated, validating the whole structure to guarantee the safety of the artists.

Ensure structural integrity of a large scale steel structure representing the Disney Castle Front porch, on which more than 50 artists performed during the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Disney Resort.

Lx Sim proposed a turnkey sim-optimization service:

  • Use finite element simulation, combined with hand calculations, to assess the structural integrity of the proposed structure;
  • Understand the use of the device based on the show description and use Lx Sim's experience to define the critical loading conditions/safety factors to consider;
  • Suggest modifications to ensure stability of the structure during the performances;
  • Work in close proximity with Jaque Paquin Design and the manufacturer throughout the project to deliver a final product quickly, efficiently and at optimal cost;
  • Prepare an authenticated engineering report describing the work done, results obtained and conclusions regarding the safety of the structure at the end of the project and certify the design for use during the ceremony.

Our analyses and recommendations resulted in the following benefits

  • Increased artist safety ;
  • Project cost and lead time optimization;
  • Resistance and safety certified with a detailed engineering report;
  • Project tight schedule respected (validation work and report completed within 1 month).