Volta, cirque du soleil

Lx Sim collaborated with the technical team of Cirque du Soleil who was in charge of the design of the BMX ramps featured in the show Volta. ​

THE CHALLENGE: Develop an innovative concept of transparent, durable, and lightweight BMX ramps consistent with the artistic intent of the show.


A turnkey Sim-optimization approach:

  • Work with the team and attend a data acquisition session to determine the maximum design loads;
  • Correlation of dynamic-static simulations of landing on ramps based on the acquisition results;
  • Validation of different ramp concepts;
  • Validation of welded aluminum joints;
  • Validation of the anchorages of the structures;
  • Recommendations for improvement;
  • Specification of welds.


  • Greater artist security;
  • Fewer prototypes required;
  • Improved strength and durability of structures;
  • Reduced production costs.

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