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Why Optimize Early and Optimize Often?

Getting to the polling booth early provides momentum to your political party. Early topology optimization generates a structural design concept that can be used to start communication across departments, giving your program momentum.

An optimization tool can be used to its best advantage when fewer constraints are put on the solution. Creating your first topology result before you’ve even created CAD geometry is now possible and produces results that would rarely be achieved through parametric optimization.


While a modern democratic electoral processes means one person = one vote, you can still indulge in some optimization “ballot stuffing”. After an initial concept has been generated, exploration of the effects of changes in the package space, loading, material or manufacturing process can be performed.

Easy tool interaction is key to fast-paced exploration. Optimization can then be used in real time by a group to inform a design direction and enhance the product development process, changing the way decisions are made. This approach supports the evaluation of more options, faster design convergence and improved robustness to requirement changes.

The solidThinking team has created Inspire to encourage optimizing early and often, giving product designers and structural engineers an advantage (with no corrupt or fraudulent activity!) by using OptiStruct technology in a new way. Inspire proposes forms that can be evolved into a finished product with easy export to any CAD tool to help design engineers quickly create dramatically lighter structures, promoting a better understanding of the effects of material placement on whatever they’re developing.

Lx Sim has many years of experience in the Inspire suite.

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