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Simulation Driven Design

As the power and sophistication of simulation technology has improved, it has opened up the potential for design optimization to be applied earlier in the development process. This has created a new process for product development which Altair refer to as ‘Simulation Driven Design’.

What is it?

In the traditional design process, computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) tools are used sequentially. The designer creates the geometry in CAD and verifies it using CAE.With the simulation driven design approach, CAD and CAE are deployed in parallel. CAE, using intelligent technology, automatically determines the optimum geometric configuration, allowing engineers to reach the best performing design, faster.


The simulation driven design approach utilizes freeform and other optimization methods to generate more mature design solutions much earlier than in a traditional development process. This allows engineers to create products which are optimized for mass and weight targets at a stage when the cost of change is at its lowest and the potential impact at its highest.