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Numerical optimization for the best rigidity/weight ratio in truck body parts
RMC produces truck body parts made of a composite that is lighter than steel but less rigid. Reinforcements have to be added as judiciously as possible to achieve the required rigidity and the lowest possible weight. Numerical optimization is the ideal method for this kind of problem.

The optimization software takes into account the available design space, the characteristics of the material and all the possible loads.
It then calculates the minimum thickness of the panel and the required location and inertia of the reinforcements.

RMC can now design optimal parts, right the first time, in record time!

« Lx Sim has been a reliable, affordable and flexible partner and resource for our engineering simulations.
Their numerical simulation and optimization services are a crucial resource for the development of our products. Whether we are trying to reduce the weight of a truck cabin frame or validate the integrity of a complex structural assembly made of composites, Lx Sim helps RMC deliver exceptional performance and stay on budget and on time. »
Marc-André GRENIER, Technical Director R&D,
René Matériaux Composites Ltée.