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CFD and vibration analysis of an expansion tank
Exo-s is a leader in the development of injection-molded and blow-molded products. Exo-s develops the Corvette expansion tank for GM Corp. In the design requirements, the level difference between the internal chambers of the tank must not exceed 3mm. Physical tests showed that the level difference did not meet the requirements.

Phase 1-CFD 
At first, the mandate was to reproduce the test with CFD simulation to understand what restricted the flow.

The simulation correlated well with the test results and some recommendations for improvements were made.

Phase 2-FEA
In the design requirements, Exo-s had to validate the strength of the tank, under pressure, against vibrations induced by its attachment points on the car. FEA analysis was used to calculate the maximum stress due to this load case.

The FEA analysis identified critical areas of the tank and ensured that the resistance meets the design criteria.