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Adaptation of an Aesthetic Exhaust Tip for a New Manufacturing Process
BRP is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles. The project involved the modification of an aesthetic exhaust tip, currently manufactured in die-cast aluminum, into a stamped sheet metal part. Lx Sim mandate was to change the aesthetic features of the part to make it manufacturable by stamping. To do so, a metal forming simulation, using HyperForm software, was used. It allows verification of the formability of a part by simulating the process and giving information about the thinning of the material, residual stresses, as well as areas prone to tears and wrinkles, if applicable. Using this tool, an iterative simulation/modification method was used to converge towards a manufacturable part in production.

This project led to the design of an optimal piece regarding manufacturability in a significantly reduced development time. The simulation allowed to quickly change the manufacturing method while keeping a maximum of its visual aspect.
In addition, the metal forming simulation process used in this project was explained to the client through training so they can now reuse this method for the development of other stamped parts. This new development method using forming simulation is a major advantage for the customer because it will reduce the number of interactions with the supplier and gives tangible arguments to propose more innovative shapes by demonstrating the feasibility of the part to the supplier.