The Journal LES AFFAIRES Interviews Ms Geneviève Dutil, P. Eng., MBA, President and Co-Founder of Lx Sim.

Ms Dutil was interviewed for the October 31 issue of the weekly journal. The issue was entirely dedicated to the subject of INNOVATION, from cover to cover. Innovation is at the heart of the activities at Lx Sim. With over 400 special projects to its credit, Lx Sim has helped many other companies to innovate.

Lx Sim caught the attention of the newspaper thanks to its expertise in simulation and numerical optimization. Indeed, these emerging technologies are the basis for gains in performance, faster marketing, and savings in initial development budgets.

The article also mentions its partnership with Faction Bike Studio. This partnership is a perfect example of how the combination of two complementary areas of expertise can help propel products onto the international markets.

Finally, Quebec SMEs need to innovate in order to improve their performance, remain competitive, and grow. For their leaders, the main challenge remains: innovate … how? It is that question that this special issue attempts to answer.


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