Are There Superheroes in Your Entourage?

At Lx Sim, we have 13 who use their mechanical-engineering superpowers to help you achieve what, at first glance, might appear impossible. Allow us to introduce you to our first superhero: Geneviève Dutil, president and co-founder of Lx Sim.

A mechanical engineer by training, Ms. Dutil is one of those people for whom learning is a way of life. Always on the lookout for innovations, she has established – over the course of several years – a balance between sound management of her company, in constant evolution, and an approach that favours continuous training.

What she may not tell you is that she has a great talent for the arts and drawing, besides being an accomplished sportswoman.

Her mission: to motivate employees to cultivate a healthy mind in a healthy body. She has put into action a number of incentives encouraging her employees to focus on sport as a way of life.

Why use superheroes to describe each employee? Because every employee helps the company to grow when they contribute their unique colour and unlock their full potential.

Take advantage of our superpowers!

Design your next product with sim-optimization. Achieve superhero results!

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