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CFD analysis of the wind force
CFD analysis of the wind force on the outdoor HI-Roof stage designed by the Quebec firm Unisson Structures for the Festival de Québec The HI-Roof outdoor stage is one of the biggest self-supporting stages designed in North America. With total dimensions of 224’ wide, 86’ high and 109’ deep, it offers a performance area measuring 90’ x 60’ (5310 ft2). Unisson Structures invested several years of research and development in the design of this unique structure.

Background :
To achieve a project of this scale, Unisson Structures mandated Lx Sim to carry out CFD analyses to evaluate the various aerodynamic forces exerted by winds of up to 120 km/h. The results helped Unisson Structure understand the fluid behaviour and the impact on the fabric attached to the structure.
The data were used to conduct further analyses to design a structure able to withstand these winds and support the maximum weight load. The structure supports 150 pounds per square foot and has a rigging capacity of 150,000 pounds evenly distributed.


Sector : Building

Challenge : Provide accurate data about the forces exerted by winds on the fabric

Lx Sim Expertise : CFD simulations

Benefits : Using CFD analysis allowed Unisson Structure to design a unique stage that would withstand the impact of winds of up to 120 km/h.