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New helmet by Louis Garneau

"Cycling speed" designed for both road and skate
A few words on the success of the aerodynamic development of the “Vitesse Cycling” helmet, designed for both cycling and skating. Louis Garneau Sports had the challenge of developing an “aero” helmet for cycling/triathlon and speed skating. The new helmet needed to respond to the particularities of both sports.

Road-bike and speed-skating helmets present both similarities and differences in their conditions of use.


  • Execution speed, average 40 km/h
  • Exposure to side winds (cycling) or angle of attack of the air when cornering (skating)


  • Position of the upper body, especially the shoulders that primarily influence the helmet's aerodynamics.

Ultimately, the goal was to achieve one form designed and optimized for both sports.

The analyses demonstrated the different wind and air-resistance behaviours related to the distinct angles of use imposed by the two athletic disciplines. This required that the design be adjusted to obtain the best profile in order to increase aerodynamics, reduce drag, and optimize safety.

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