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How our Industrial Design Services can help you

Industrial design is about more than creating a beautiful product; it's also about developing a strategically designed item that meets an actual need. It's about creating a object that will be sought after for its aesthetics, functionality and ease of use.

A Wise Investment

Two-thirds of companies that have worked with industrial designers believe they got a return on their investment in less than three years. Half of them saw that return in under a year.

Enhanced Product Quality

By using industrial design, businesses can improve the look of a product, get ahead or stay ahead of the competition and increase the product's potential for future success.

Support Throughout Project

We stay in touch with our customers for the entire duration of the project to increase their understanding of the product and of the simulations. We will be your partners in the quest for project success!


User experience analysis and optimization

Prospective design / Conceptual exploration



Photorealistic rendering

Solid and surface modeling

Ergonomics analysis


The Design Process

Featured Project

Portable Winch

Lx Sim collaborated with the company's engineering and marketing departments to develop an ergonomic product that effectively conveys the company's brand image.

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