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Louis Garneau

Aerodynamic Development of the P09 Helmet
Louis Garneau is a world leader in the design of technical sports equipment. During the development of their new time trial bicycle helmet, the P09, Lx Sim’s mandate was to contribute to the aerodynamic development by providing multiple CFD analysis and provide design optimization recommendations. Louis Garneau wanted to design the best in class aerodynamic helmet on the market, while keeping the design close to the previous iteration, the Vorttice. The design team reviewed multiple new shapes using CFD to determine their differences on performances and guide the development towards the best possible solution. After deciding on the general shape of the helmet, more CFD simulations were used to design a more efficient ventilation system and minimizing its impact on general aerodynamics.

Following the simulation project, wind tunnel testing was performed on a prototype by Louis Garneau Sports Inc. in order to validate design choices. Results showed that the new P09 while increasing head ventilation in racing position will still reduce drag by approximately 2% with respect to the original Vorttice.