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Non-Linear FEA Analysis of a Chassis Assembly of a Side-by-Side Can-Am ATV.
Background: BRP is a world leader in design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles. During the development of a side-by-side Can-Am ATV, BRP conducted laboratory tests on the entire chassis assembly of the vehicle. Linear FEA was carried out by BRP to reproduce this test. However, as plastic deformations were involved, a non-linear analysis was relevant to obtain more representative results compared to the laboratory test results. The mandate of Lx Sim was to conduct a non-linear FEA analysis using the same type of mesh that was used by BRP in their linear analysis and compare the results. BRP provided baseline data including materials, thickness, characterization and tests conditions. This approach also permitted to keep a 3D representation of the welds.

Using the non-linear analysis, BRP can now realistically simulate a laboratory test and validate the strength of the structure. It facilitates the iterative optimization of the structure and helps to meet all the performance criteria more efficiently (reducing time and cost). This simulation also allows exploration of different scenarios relative to the type and the dimensions of the material used.