Portable Winch

Lx Sim collaborated with the company's engineering and marketing departments to develop an ergonomic product that effectively conveys the company's brand image.


Design a plastic case for the winch, while taking into account both ergonomic and aesthetic factors.

LX Sim Expertise

Our input, as specialists, was primarily directed at the industrial design and computer-aided design (CAD) aspects of the project. As part of this project, our mandate was to support Portable Winch in the design of the product housing so that it would be easy to handle and visually appealing.

Ergonomic Validation

To ensure a secure grip, we made prototypes of several handle variations with different diameters, in order to test the comfort of each one and choose the best model.

Drawings and Research

After defining the intended operating environment, several rounds of drawings were presented. This allowed us to establish a clear design vision.


The PCW3000-Li Battery-Powered Winch
The winch was designed for optimal ergonomics and with a look that reflects its position on the market as a product intended for retail and consumer use, rather than the more typical industrial market in which Portable Winch products are normally sold. It was also designed to be compatible with Greenworks Commercial 82V and Greenworks Pro 80V batteries and, while it is visually compatible with the Greenworks product line, it includes its own distinctive features.

Our Collaborative Expertise

To carry out this project, we worked closely with the engineering and marketing teams at Portable Winch, based in Sherbrooke. We visited the site several times to improve our understanding of their operations and to design a quality product that would perfectly meet the needs of their users.

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