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Prototyping Composite Parts

Make your product ideas a reality with our composite parts prototyping service combined with simulations. You'll get superhero results!

The Super-Benefits of our Composite Parts Prototyping Service

The Super-Benefits of our Composite Parts Prototyping Service

By combining numerical simulations and prototyping for composite parts, we can efficiently identify the best product in less time and at lower cost, when compared to the traditional experimental approach. Finite element analysis and numerical optimization tools lead to a virtually proven geometry and laminate, thus reducing the number of physical iterations. Lx Sim's composite prototyping service then aims to manufacture these iterations without resorting to slow, costly and inflexible industrial processes. The customer receives an optimized and functional prototype to verify its performance.

Take advantage of our superpowers in composite parts design and prototyping!

A Smart Investment

With FEA analysis and optimization tools, design iterations are done in the virtual world. Combined with our innovative manufacturing techniques that minimize the cost of single parts, you get low-cost prototypes. You invest in reducing the time and cost of product development.

The Quality of Your Product

When we combine our super-team's composite manufacturing experience and the numerous manufacturing techniques and materials we've mastered, we can produce high-quality and high-performance prototypes.

A Communication Throughout the Project

We are in touch with our customers throughout the project to increase their understanding of the product and the simulation process. We are real partners in the success of your project!

Analysis offered by our team

Project management
Cost analysis
Material selection
FEA design and analysis
Laminate optimization
Prototype and short run manufacturing
Tooling design
Industrial process development
Technology transfer
Technical support for production
Training of the workforce
Featured Project

Vélo à main de Cyclisme Canada

Cycling Canada is a national organization dedicated to the holistic development of the sport and includes all cycling disciplines. For this project, the client wanted to analyze the aerodynamics of a handcycle to determine the optimal geometry of the carbon fiber seat and then physically modify it. LxSim’s mandate was to first scan the handcycle with the rider, simulate the aerodynamics in CFD and optimize the bottom surface of the seat to reduce drag. In a second phase, LxSim had to design the laminate by finite elements, select the materials and proceed with the physical modification of the bottom surface.

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