Aerospace discrete source damage analysis (certification by analysis)

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The great benefits of our A-FEA Services

Advanced Finite Element Analysis (A-FEA) can efficiently and accurately simulate the mechanical, thermal, and other behaviors of your products during dynamic events. It makes it possible to visualize and better understand how a part or an assembly will perform in discrete source damage condition before it is even made.

Take advantage of our Advanced Finite Element Analysis superpowers!

The quality of your product

Our superteam’s Advanced Finite Element Analysis expertise ensures the quality, performance, and safety of your products!

A smart investment

Thanks to our expertise in FEA/SPH/DEM/CFD, you know that you are investing in an optimal and winning product, before even making it. So you put your money where it’s needed!

Communication throughout the project

We are in touch with our customers throughout the project to increase their understanding of the product and the simulation process. We are real partners in the success of your project!

Analysis offered by our team


Discrete Source Damage

Bird Strike

Tire Burst

Thrown Runway Debris

Composite Failure and Residual Strength

Fan Blade out

FEM Material Model Calibration

Non-Linear Buckling

Post Buckling Structural Analysis

High Energy Wide Area Blunt Impact (HEWABI)

Classical Airplane Structural Sizing

Hail Impact

Feature achievement

Bird Strike Impact on Composite Structure

Assessment of Bird strike simulation best practices and limitations. Evaluation of bird impact loads and damages to aero structure

Evaluation #1 Evaluation #2

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